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Datum Artikel / Dokument
20.10.2020 Population currently sees coronavirus as the greatest health risk (BfR-Press release 34/2020 of 2020-10-19)
16.10.2020 Ban on accommodation meets with mixed acceptance among the population (BfR-Press release 33/2020 of 2020-10-16)
12.10.2020 Frequently asked questions about per- and polyfluoroalkyl substances (PFAS)
06.10.2020 Invisible threat: listeria in smoked fish (BfR-Press release 32/2020 of 2020-09-30)
28.09.2020 How dangerous are the e-liquids on the German market? (BfR-Press release 09/2020 of 2020-04-07)
21.09.2020 Despite coronavirus: Social contacts increase again (BfR-Press release 30/2020 of 2020-09-21)
21.09.2020 Can the new type of coronavirus be transmitted via food and objects?

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