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Datum Artikel / Dokument
12.07.2024 Under the microscope from a young age (BfR-Press release 22/2024 of 2024-07-12)
25.06.2024 Strengthening food safety – promoting exchange (BfR-Press release 23/2024 of 2024-06-25)
25.06.2024 Mould in foods – health risks and how to avoid them
24.06.2024 "mikroco-wissen" launches in English (BfR-Press release 21/2024 of 2024-06-24)
21.06.2024 Questions and answers about phthalate plasticisers
21.06.2024 Kick-off of the Berlin Seniors' Week (BfR-Press release 20/2024 of 2024-06-21)

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