Non-technical project summary for animal experiments

With the entry into force of the Third Amendment of the Animal Protection Act (TierSchG) on 12th July 2013 and the Regulation on the protection of animals used for experiments or other scientific purposes (TierSchVersV) on 13 August 2013, a request for approval of an animal experiment shall be accompanied by an easily-understandable non-technical project summary (NPS).

Database AnimalTestInfo

Upon approval of the animal experiment, the competent authority transmits the non-technical project summary provided by the applicant to the BfR. The BfR publishes this in the database AnimalTestInfo within 12 months. Thus, the information on animal experimentation projects is made publicly available ensuring the information of citizens about animal experiments.

The link to the database:

AnimalTestInfo Applicant

Using the Web application "AnimalTestInfo Applicant", the applicant can create, edit and manage the non-technical project summary for an animal experiment in the password-protected area of ??the BfFR AnimalTestInfo database. Furthermore, non-technical project summaries can be entered for an amendment of the initial authorisation.

A successful registration and log-in in the web application "AnimalTestInfo-applicant" is required.

Information on the content of the non-technical project summary can be found in the "Guidelines for the Preparation of the Non-Technical Project Summary (NTS) for Animal Experiments".

The usage notes in the web application "AnimalTestInfo-Applicant" detail the creation, processing and management of the non-technical project summary.

The link to the web application "AnimalTestInfo-applicant":

AnimalTestInfo Competent Authorities

Non-technical project summaries for authorised animal experiments can be released and administered by the competent authority in the AnimalTestInfo database for the publication by the BfR in the password-protected area of ??the AnimalTestInfo Competent Authority.

This requires, again, a registration and log-in in the application "AnimalTestInfo Competent Authorities".

The usage notes in the web application "AnimalTestInfo Competent Authorities" detail the approval and administration of the non-technical project summaries by the competent authorities.

The link to the web application "AnimalTestInfo Competent Authorities":




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