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Third party projects of the BfR

The following pages show current third party projects of the BfR - as partner or as coordinator. The results of the research activities are directly used for the statements and therefore as part of the political consulting of the institute.

The projects are structured to the following key aspects:

  • Research on authenticity testing of food and feed
  • Research on human, animal and environmental health (One Health)
  • Research on exposure estimation and assessment of biological risks
  • Research on the safety of national and international supply chains
  • Research on the detection of contaminants and for the assessment of chemical risks
  • Research on modern methods in toxicology
  • Research to harmonise and standardise assessments of exposure
  • Research on alternatives to animal experiments
  • Research on functional analytics and early risk detection
  • Research on feed safety
  • Research on nanotechnology: detection, toxicology, risk assessment and risk perception
  • Scientific cooperation


exposure estimation and assessment of biological risks (12)


harmonize and standardize assessments of exposure (2)