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The BfR structure

The Federal Institute for Risk Assessment comes under the portfolio of the Federal Ministry of Food and Agriculture for all scientific aspects of consumer health protection. Professor Dr. Dr. Andreas Hensel is the President of BfR; Professor Dr. Reiner Wittkowski is the Vice President. BfR is the national partner of the European Food Safety Authority.

Around 750 members of staff work at three locations in Berlin: Jungfernheide, Marienfelde and Alt-Marienfelde.

“Identifying risks - protecting health” - these are the tasks of the Federal Institute for Risk Assessment. They encompass the assessment of existing and the identification of new health risks, the drawing up of recommendations on risk reduction and the communication of this process. In its assessments and recommendations BfR is not influenced by any economic, political or social interests. It presents them in a comprehensible manner for the general public.

BfR draws on the following organisational units to carry out its statutory remit.

Executive bodies

  • Executive Office
  • Policy Matters and Strategic Planning
  • Research Co-ordination
  • Controlling/Audit
  • QM Co-ordination


  • Department 1:  Administration
  • Department 2:  Risk Communication
  • Department 3:  Exposure
  • Department 4:  Biological Safety
  • Department 5:  Food Safety
  • Department 6:  Pesticides Safety
  • Department 7:  Chemicals and Product Safety
  • Department 8:  Safety in the Food Chain
  • Department 9:  Experimental Toxicology and ZEBET



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BfR reports to the Federal Ministry of Food and Agriculture (BMEL)



Visitors' address
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Postal address
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Identify risks - Protect health

"Science to serve humanity" is the guiding principle of BfR. This film provides insight into the Institute's work.